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Award for Excellence Nominations

NAPSW established the Award for Excellence in Perinatal Social Work in 1988 to recognize a member for outstanding clinical achievement in the field of perinatal social work. In 2002, the board of directors voted to include consideration of service to NAPSW. Nominations are solicited from the general membership until mid-February each year. The final selection is made by the board of directors and announced at the National Conference each year.

Submitting Your Nominations

Nominations for the 2017 award, which will be given this spring at the National Conference in Portland, Oregon are being solicited by Awards Chair, Lisa Baker PhD, LCSW.

Previous recipients include: Charlotte Collins Bursi, Martha Ransohoff Adler, Carol Mahan Kahn, Regina Furlong Lind, Nancy Harold, Lori Scheckter, Brenda Sumrall Smith, Audrey Hauser, Cathy Cook, Sally Mack, Joni Hardcastle, Leora Hughes, Ed Walwork, Laura Dillard, Denise Knoebel, Kay Ammon, Elissa Truitt, Debby Segi-Kovach, Margery Pentland, Deborah Calvert, Sharon Williams, Anne-Marie Hallman, Judith McCoyd, Barbara Menard, Dawn Raadt, Lisa Baker, Linda DeBaer and Mary Denato.

Please send nomination form to Lisa Baker by February 19, 2017. It only takes a few minutes out of your busy day to nominate a member of NAPSW for this distinguished Award.

Criteria for the award require that the recipient be a perinatal social worker and a current NAPSW member. Current officers and members of the Board of Directors of NAPSW are ineligible for the award. Nominations that meet the eligibility criteria are then forwarded to the Board of Directors for their final selection.

2017 award for excellence nomination form