Important! Please Read NAPSW's ACA Repeal and Response Statement

NAPSW ACA Repeal and Response Statement (February 2017)

     National Association of Perinatal Social Workers (NAPSW) is a national professional organization comprised of perinatal social workers. NAPSW is committed to supporting individuals, families, and communities. It is equally devoted to expanding the role of social work in perinatal health. In order to achieve these goals, perinatal social workers rely on the values social justice, integrity, dignity and worth of persons. NAPSW values include social- economic equality and healthcare for all. As the 115th Congress transitions, under the leadership of President Trump, NAPSW will continue to advocate for the needs of individuals and families during the perinatal period. NAPSW will also continue to support the professional interest of perinatal social workers who provide psychosocial support services to families daily. 

     The Affordable Care Act (ACA) improved access to health insurance for many individuals and families. Medicaid expansion, through ACA, extended health insurance coverage for the most economically disadvantaged individuals and families to 33 states. ACA places focus on preventative care, improves access to out-of-network emergency services, and eliminates pre-existing condition exclusions. Healthcare reform, through the initiation of ACA, improves overall health and enhances the quality of our healthcare system. Healthcare reforms under ACA are consistent with social work values and ethics. ACA improves access to health care, supports health insurance for marginalized and oppressed groups, reduces the rate of increase for health costs, and improves patient protections and autonomy. NAPSW supports the direction of healthcare reform under the ACA provisions.

     NAPSW shares recent policy concerns with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Policy discussion and implementation related to women’s rights, immigration, scientific freedom, and healthcare reform is troubling and contradicts the foundational values of social work. NAPSW agrees with NASW when it states that social workers “extend human rights to everyone” and advocate for the most vulnerable populations. More importantly, in subscribing to our code of ethics, we support NASW in saying that social workers cannot support efforts that oppress and marginalize individuals and families. Along with President Trump, NAPSW agrees with ongoing healthcare reform. However, NAPSW views the methods for achieving healthcare reform equally as important as the outcome of the reform itself. Policies that remove access to prevention services, family planning, and support services for women is not the desired course of action for the country. Furthermore, policies that restrict access to healthcare insurance and services to low-income and Medicaid families are contrary to social work values and principles. NAPSW does not endorse funding cuts (in the form of block grants or per capita caps) in healthcare, safety net, and/or human needs programs that assist and support the families that perinatal social workers serve.

     As the blueprint for healthcare reform emerges and the direction of healthcare developed, NAPSW will continue to advocate for policies that represent social work values. NAPSW will continue to follow social and healthcare policy developments. In 2017, NAPSW will pay particular attention to Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization and the supplemental Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECH-V), women’s rights and reproduction policies (i.e. Defund Planned Parenthood Act, H.R. 354). In addition, NAPSW will keep social workers abreast of practice specific policies (i.e. Access to Mental Health Act, Social Work Reinvestment Act, Social Work Month Resolution, and Social Work Protection) that impact social workers. NAPSW will alert perinatal social workers when there are opportunities to have our voice heard in healthcare reform developments. NAPSW is committed to on-going support of individuals and families during the perinatal periods as we enter into a new political landscape. Furthermore, NAPSW remains devoted to the education, professional development, and support of perinatal social workers during this turbulent political climate.
Author: JaNeen Cross, President, NAPSW


JaNeen Cross

Click here to download a PDF copy of this statement.     Click here to access NAPSW's Social Action page for more updates and information. 

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