Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get more involved but not sure you want to get into NAPSW leadership at this time?  There are many ways for NAPSW members to be involved!  Perhaps you want to promote a social action campaign that is in line with NAPSW's mission? Perhaps you have a certain skill you want to contribute such as writing and editing and want to work on the Forum, our NAPSW publication? Or maybe you want to contribute your HTML or social networking expertise? Want to help plan a conference, become a perinatal partner or help with outreach in your local community, state or region?  We have many committees with which to get involved and we always welcome our members' help and contributions to make us a stronger and more effective organization!  Here is a list of our committees:. 

  • Communications/Forum – Oversees publication of The Forum
  • Conference Planning – Plans all aspects of the next conference, with support from NAPSW leadership. This committee works best with several members who can support various aspects of the planning tasks. 
  • Education – Develops educational opportunities and is currently working towards creating online educational opportunities for NAPSW members.
  • Finance – Supports the treasurer in ensuring good stewardship of NAPSW resources and preserving the financial wellness and longevity of NAPSW.
  • Membership – Supports the Membership chair and assists in outreach activities.
  • Social Action – Educates NAPSW members about social work advocacy and opportunities to get involved in social justice and advocacy efforts that benefit families and babies.
  • Social Networking – Uses the power of social media and social networking to build community among members, share interesting and timely articles for members and to get information about NAPSW into the community at large.
  • Standards – Develops standards for best practices in the perinatal social work. Current standards are often being revised to continue to remain current and relevant and new standards are developed as new areas of practice or issues come to light.  
  • Web – Develops and keeps the NAPSW website update to date, relevant and now harnessing the social networking powers of our new website to enhance and grow the organization.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of our committees or becoming a state rep or regional liaison, please complete the volunteer survey and we will get back to you soon to get you linked in with the NAPSW member that oversees what you are interested in doing.