6 Changes the Trump Administration Can Still Make To Obamacare

From NPR.org: This article provides policy alternatives that the GOP can execute to weaken and ultimately disable the ACA. These methods represent an alternative approach for removing ACA.

http://www.npr.org/sections/ health-shots/2017/03/29/ 521713002/6-changes-the-trump- administration-can-still-make- to-obamacare

Stakeholders React to HHS Proposed Market Stabilization Regulation: Part 2-Consumer Advocates:

From Chirblog.org: These two article discuss the HHS proposed rule to stabilize the marketplace and address market concerns related to ACA. Part 1 provides the viewpoint for insurance companies who generally support the rule. Part 2 is the viewpoint of consumer advocates who in general oppose the rule.

http://chirblog.org/ stakeholders-react-to-hhs- proposed-market-stabilization- regs/

http://chirblog.org/ stakeholders-react-hhs- proposed-market-stabilization- regulations-part-2-consumer- advocates/

Here's the Bipartisan Path Forward on Health Care: Andy Slavitt

From USA Today: The GOP may be considering a more bipartisan approach next round. This article provides bipartisan solutions about how to strengthen healthcare by building on the foundation set forth by Obamacare.

https://www.usatoday.com/ story/opinion/2017/03/26/ bipartisan-path-forward- health-care-trumpcare- obamacare-column-andy-slavitt/ 99661882/

Health care Will Be Back, So the AHCA's Surcharge Needs to Be Fixed

From the Alliance for Health Care Reform: This article talks about how the GOP can be prepared to revisit their health plan by addressing the surcharge concern in their original health plan. It is recommended that the GOP fix the problems in their original plan in order to address the concerns they noted in ACA instead of making those problem worse like it is currently written