Innovative Program Award & Research Grant

The National Association of Perinatal Social Workers invites applications for the Innovation Programs/Research Grant. This grant provides seed money for perinatal social workers to fund special programs or research efforts that would otherwise be unfunded through their agency or place of employment. This purpose of this program is to:
  1. Assist social workers in funding new programs designed to identify or meet the needs of their client population.
  2. Encourage the translation of evidence-based findings to practice through the development of novel or unique interventions.
  3. Encourage the evaluation of best practices through research projects designed to inform practice.
Interested applicants should submit a 3-5 page proposal that includes the following elements:
  1. Discuss how the proposed project contributes to the objectives of NAPSW.
  2. Description of the need and population being served.
  3. Description of the program implementation or research plan to include:
    1. Aims
    2. How those aims will be carried out (specific plan)
    3. Outcomes — include evaluation of outcomes or benchmarks. Time line
  4. Budget
  5. Agency letter of support
This program is open to social workers of any level currently practicing in a perinatal field, as well as full-time students currently enrolled in an accredited social work graduate or undergraduate degree program with a research agenda that directly relates to perinatal social work. Applicants will receive a one-time funding award in the amount of $1000.00 and are expected to submit a poster presentation of their outcomes or research findings at the NAPSW Annual conference the year following the award. A two page summary of findings should accompany the poster presentation. Award recipients are expected to maintain membership in NAPSW for the year in which funding is provided.

Please submit proposals via email to no later than January 31, 2023. Proposals will be reviewed by committee and the winner will be announced at the next Annual Conference. 

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