NAPSW FORUM, first published as High Hopes in 1980, was changed to its current name in the autumn of 1984.  NAPSW FORUM is published online quarterly as a professional newsletter committed to providing useful, timely information to social workers and related colleagues working in all settings of perinatal health care.  Perinatal health care includes the period from pre-pregnancy through an infant’s first year of life. Any questions regarding the NAPSW Forum should be directed to  

Information for Authors

The editors of NAPSW FORUM welcome manuscripts addressing all aspects of psychosocial issues that emerge in perinatal health, including articles on perinatal practice, case reviews, legal and ethical issues, program planning, social advocacy, legislative issues, innovations in the social work practice of perinatal health care, and research.

While the Forum is a members only benefit, contrubtions are accepted from members AND non-members. Click here to view NAPSW's Forum submission guidelines.

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