From the Coalition on Human Needs: Three Articles About the  ACA Repeal and an Outlook On FY 2017 and 2018 budgets.

Advocates Denounce House Passage for the ACA Repeal Bill

This article talks about concerns with the existing bill.  It also provides a estimated results for the bill if it were to pass in the Senate.  Finally, the article talks about the next steps needed to pass the bill.  Click here to access.

FYI 2017 Appropriations Bill Avoids a Shut Down

This article talks about the positive and negatives of the FY 2017 appropriations bills.  It provides information about programs that will receive funding and those that received a cut in funding.  Click here to access. 

Looking Ahead to FY18 Budgets 

This article talks about the FYI 2018 budget.  It provides a forecast for Congressional operations and highlights concerns for financial cuts in human needs programs.  It also discusses the reconciliation and resolution process and how the government operates using these processes.    Click here to access. 
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