Second, share information you have about how human needs programs work and how they are effective in your community. Send the Coalition on Human Needs descriptions/data about programs that receive federal funds from ALREADY WRITTEN annual reports, fundraising reports, etc. E-mail them to [email protected].

What kinds of information is the Coalition on Human Needs looking for?  Even if you are only describing one agency/program in your community, it would help us to know how many people/households are served, and something about the good outcomes achieved by the program (how many children placed in child care, households receiving emergency food or housing vouchers, workers getting jobs, etc.).  If there has been a change in the number served over time, we’d like to know that.  If your annual report or other publication has a case story about someone utilizing services, please share!  Of course, to the extent you have county or state-wide data for this service, that’s very helpful.  Again:  we are trying to save you work, so if there your annual report or any other piece you’ve written has this information, please send it our way.