Nominations for 2018 Elections

 It’s that time again when we really need the help of ALL of the membership to identify people who could run for Officer and Board of Director positions.  We try to offer a slate of candidates so that there is a true election (recognizing that that sometimes means that people who do not get elected may feel bad- but we urge them to try again!).

To that end, this year in Long Beach California, we will elect the following positions:

Vice-President; Treasurer; Nominating Committee member; and 5 Board of Directors

Nominations are now open and ready to be received immediately and no later than February 1, 2018- but don’t put it off- send your nomination/s NOW. Please consider nominating yourself or other NAPSW members you know for these positions. Candidates for Board of Director positions need to be members in good standing for one year prior to running for the Board of Directors. Candidates for Officer positions need to have served at least one term on the Board of Directors. All you need to do is send the name to Corliss Burton by email and she and the committee will follow up.

So PLEASE, send names of people you think could serve our organization well- including yourself- we LOVE self-nominees because we know they will say yes.

The Nominating Committee welcomes any suggestions and we will follow through.  Feel free to contact us directly.

Chair- Corliss Burton- [email protected]

Mary Denato- [email protected]

Tiffany Hanf- [email protected] 


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