Election Results are In!

If it were not for COVID-19, I would be home after another outstanding NAPSW conference and I would be exhausted and exhilarated after seeing good friends, having challenging discussions, and learning new skills!  Instead, I am reminiscing about past conferences and missing my good NAPSW friends and colleagues. But the work of the organization goes on, and we will continue to work together and support each other through these trying times.

The officers and BOD of the organization met this past week, as they always do at the conference, but utilizing Zoom instead of conference tables.  It was waves instead of hugs, and it was BYO coffee/tea and snacks!

As Nominations Chair, I met with the BOD last week, and with the help of Hannah Raiden-Wright (wearing her Web hat) and Karina Ousley, Membership Chair, we organized the election, gathered the requisite lists of members and ballots, and planned the tally. Nominations Committee met Saturday and tallied the votes, and following are the results.

But first I want to congratulate all the members who voted…all 101 of you!  A GREAT turnout!  And each of you noted your membership number on your ballot and as a result, all were validated!  GOOD JOB!!!!  

Vice President- Tiffany Hanff

Treasurer – Barbara Menard

Nominating Committee- Dasi Schlup

 Board of Directors:

Meredith Huber

Beth Maudsley

Karin Ousley

Erika Rodriquez

Kim Stobbe

These people will all serve NAPSW for the term 2020-2022 starting officially on July 1, 2020.

 We want to thank all these folks who have agreed to serve our organization.  We also want to thank those who were willing to run. Everyone who runs is a winner because they are willing to serve NAPSW.  There are always more opportunities in the future.

It needs to be said that we often have very few people running for positions, often only one more than the number of available positions, and for officer positions, too frequently, only one.  So we want to encourage you to speak up and volunteer yourself or nominate someone you feel would be a great candidate.  We KNOW you are all busy with work and family, but NAPSW colleagues will support you!

YOUR VOICE COUNTS!  So we need you to think NOW about people (including yourself!) who might be willing to run for positions.

Please also consider getting involved with your regional or state network, or volunteer for one of our committees.  The more members involved the easier the work load and the better the ideas.

Look through the website for ideas and get involved!

Thank you for all you do for your clients and for our organization!  You will be hearing more from us throughout the year.

 Margery Pentland, Chair
Nominations Committee
[email protected]

Committee members:
Jenny Duffy, 2019 – 2021
Dasi Schlup, 2020 - 2022

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