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From the Bipartisan Policy Center: Preserving CHIP and Other Safety Net Programs 

The Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) presents information about CHIP, Community Health Centers, National Health and Services Corps, and MIECHV (Home Visiting Program).  A summary of each program is provided along with policy recommendations. Click here to download.    


National Health Law Program (NHeLP) Protect Medicaid Webinar Series

Defending Medicaid

Medicaid's guaranteed-enrollment for those who meet eligibilityrequirements makes the program vulnerable to attacks at both the federal and state level. NHeLP actively defends Medicaid against these threats, protects the rights of beneficiaries to receive these services, to which they are legally entitled and works to make sure that states meet their obligations under the Medicaid Act.

Proposals to drastically cut federal Medicaid spending through per capita caps and block grants would fundamentally alter and undermine Medicaid. NHeLP's Protect Medicaid webinar series examines the harmful impact of these proposals on key features of the Medicaid program, including: services and benefits geared for vulnerable populations; affordability and cost sharing protections; advances under the ACA's low income adult expansion; and consumer protections and due process guarantees.



Webinar Opportunity on April 4th: What's Next For Health Policy

This webinar looks ahead at the issues surrounding U.S. health care and at potential changes that Congress, the Trump administration, and the states will be likely to adopt in the coming months and years.  

With or without major federal legislation like the American Health Care Act, what are the problems that persist in the health system, especially in the individual insurance market? What are the policy options to address them, through executive action, agency rule making, and legislation?


From the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities 

Medicaid, its effects on children, elderly, and those with disabilities.



Families USA Blog: Demise of the GOP Health Plan, Why it Happened and Where Do We Go From Here

Read about Demise of the GOP Health Plan, alternatives options for the GOP, and next steps for ACA adovocates:



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