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From the Coalition on Human Needs — Tell Congress We Need a People's Budget That Supports Human Needs

Support the Coalition on Human Needs action to tell Congress to support education, health care, and safety net programs. 

Firstsign the petition to tell Congress that we need a budget that supports human needs – we need a People’s Budget. Once you’ve signed, please share the petition with your networks.


The Impact of Medicaid Work Requirements

The Medicaid work requirement is linked to the AHCA, which has been withdrawn. However, it may still be pursued by states in the near future and is something health and welfare advocates should be prepared for. Talk Poverty has a piece featuring the stories of people who'll be hurt by Medicaid work requirements because they're new mothers or battling cancer.  Click here to download and read. 


From the Coalition on Human Needs:
Webinar on Trump's Plan to Cut Human Needs Programs

On March 21st, the Coalition on Human Needs presented a webinar Trumps Plan to Cut Human Needs Programs. President Trump’s partial budget heavily cuts domestic programs to pay for a $54 billion Pentagon spending increase. Participants learned about the expected impact on housing, services for children, seniors, people with disabilities, nutrition, public health, and more, and heard from experts about what's next - and the strategy to fight back. Fortunately, this webinar was recorded and now available for viewing on the Coalition on Human Needs website and by using the link below.





NAPSW Opposes the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Enactment of the American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Please read these important articles from Families USA regarding the consequences of the AHCA and access the following toolkit for more information about how to take action.  


NAPSW ACA Repeal and Response Statement (February 2017)

     National Association of Perinatal Social Workers (NAPSW) is a national professional organization comprised of perinatal social workers. NAPSW is committed to supporting individuals, families, and communities. It is equally devoted to expanding the role of social work in perinatal health. In order to achieve these goals, perinatal social workers rely on the values social justice, integrity, dignity and worth of persons. NAPSW values include social- economic equality and healthcare for all. As the 115th Congress transitions, under the leadership of President Trump, NAPSW will continue to advocate for the needs of individuals and families during the perinatal period. NAPSW will also continue to support the professional interest of perinatal social workers who provide psychosocial support services to families daily. 

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